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to school on government money but is against government. aside from the awkward drink of water, i think his real problem is that it was the wrong night, wrong city. tuesday night in washington, wednesday night in new york. there is a place called the apollo. amateur night on wednesday night at the apollo. >> ouch. that hurt me in the crossfire. lawrence o'donnell. >> it was a major proposal that he kept under a certain wracked by not mentioning the number. he said that he was willing, in this negotiation, to avoid the sequestered and offered to the republicans' medicare cuts. he did not specify an amount, just the same amount that the bulls commission wanted. he suggested arriving at them in very vague ways, one having more affluent seniors play more. there are a variety of ways to do that. one of them, probably were most of the savings would be, to change the nature of medicare payments from a fee-for-service system, which is very reassuring to the patience, to something that he was very vague about but was probably an overall fee for a patient in which the doctor, many would argue, begins
. we're stuck with this old-fashioned technology because, as susan crawford explains, our government has allowed a few giant conglomerates to rig the rules, raise prices, and stifle competition. just like standard oil in the first gilded age a century ago. in those days, it was muckrakers like ida tarbell and lincoln steffens rattling the cages and calling for fair play. today it's independent thinkers like susan crawford. the big telecom industry wishes she would go away, but she's got a lot of people on her side. in fact, if you go to the white house citizen's petition site, you'll see how fans of "captive audience" are calling on the president to name susan crawford as the next chair of the federal communications commission. "prospect" magazine named her one of the "top ten brains of the digital future," and susan crawford served for a time as a special assistant to president obama for science, technology and innovation. right now she teaches communications law at the benjamin cardozo school of law here in new york city and is a fellow at the roosevelt institute. susan crawford, w
dime. it is not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad-based growth. >> this morning the president is traveling to a factory in ashville north carolina that has expanded its facilities and hiring more workers. tomorrow the president will travel to atlanta and on friday to chicago. >>> florida senator marco rubio delivered the republican response to the president's address to the state of the union. >> our free enterprise economy is the source of aramids l class prosperity. but president obama he believes it's the cause of our problems. that the economic downturn happened because our government didn't tax enough. spend enough. or control enough. >> rubio also delivered a response to the president's speech until spanish. he is considered a rising star in the republican party and frequently mentioned as a possible candidate for president in 2016. >> false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choices isn't just between big goth or big business. what we need is accountable -- >> this part of senator rubio's respons
they provide income for the lawyers. and that he said gives them incentive to keep the cases alive. government provided lawyers for inmates received $182 million from tax payers payers to pay for lawsuits. >>> these workers are replacing copper wires, how thieves are effecting your commute. >> a city hall wedding ceremony with a serious message, the gift the groom needs to save his life. >>> complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >>> caltrans working to repair damage done by thieves that makes our commutes longer and more dangerous. copper thefts are hitting caltrans and drivers hard with more and more criminals stealing the metal. ktvu's rob roth has the two changes they are making to try to stop this problem. >> reporter: you can see where thieves struck. this is highway 242. the copper wires that was inside this box have been torn out, the light is off and the top of the light twisted. metal thieves are strike leg over the bay area -- striking all over the bay area. >> getting worse. >> reporter: and expensive. they will replace the box
is regional governance and cooperation where we try to emphasize move each of our cities that they really need to figure out in their broader economic region, not just within their city limits. so how do you coordinate with the communities around you to advance some of these policy issues, whether it's transportation, environmental improvements, economic development, education systems, workforce training, etc. these are some of the issues that we really want to publicize the best practices so that practitioners such as ourselves can bring these ideas back home and really move an issue forward. i think here in the bay area, bringing this group of four european experts here has really been an interesting exercise for me, not knowing the city of oakland very much at all, having been to san francisco a few times, but it really is -- i do think that the communities here are poised to really be sort of going over the crest of the hill in terms of moving this issue forward. and i think hopefully these four will serve as sort of a catalyst in your community to get the community talking about what is p
victims. >> new developments in the richmond refinery fire. government investigators say today. chevron knew the pipe that leaked and fed the fire last year. should have been replaced. a report issued by the chemical safety board found. the decades old, 8-inch steel pipe ruptured due to corrosion. a board chairperson says, the pipe should have been replaced years earlier. the investigation into what caused the refinery fire is ongoing. so far, chevron has been fined nearly one - million dollars. >> a 5-thousand dollar reward up for grabs! it is being offered by the a-t-f for the arrest and conviction of the suspect behind the arson of this senior housing complex in west oakland. it was under construction at the time. the fire burned for hours and even melted nearby bart tracks. authorities hope the money will be an incentive for someone to come forward and help close this 8 month department. >> new hamshire democrat senator-- patrick leahy wants the government to give same sex, married couples the same immigration benefits that heterosexual couples now enjoy. leahy introduced the unitin
post" reports this morning government intelligence identifies china as a main culprit in online spying directed at companies with ties to military technology, but energy, finance, and other industries have also been hacked over the past five years. senior correspondent john miller is a former fbi assistant director. john, good morning. how widespread? >> this is pretty widespread charlie. when you take an nie, national intelligence estimate this is really the consensus of all 16 intelligence agencies on a problem, so this is going to be a fairly authoritative document that's sounding the alarm that china -- well, picture this. two giant aircraft hangars full of military people who work 24/7 hacking into u.s. government databases, private corporation databases. >> you mean those are chinese hackers doing that. >> yes yes. and they're working for the government. these aren't guys doing it for entertaining. here's the difference. we do that too. all countries do that. the difference -- i think the alarm the report sounds is china does it not just for politica
that the government was severely handicapped, likely by not having anderson at trial. he was held in contempt armed spent fight -- contempt and he spent quite a bit of time in jail. they were not able to prove the false statements. so they went to the obstruction charge based on evasive, not necessarily untrue statements. >> reporter: how long will we get an answer? how long before bonds knows. >> probably six months. hard to say. it will be measured in months rather than weeks. >> reporter: william keen, thank you for joining us. taking us through what we can expect today. not a very long hearing. ten-year journey getting us here but months until we'll get an answer. live here in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> an east bay mischief that topped 100 miles an -- police chief that topped 100 miles an hour. what prompted the chase and the suspicious item police found on the driver. >>> together we've cleared the stay the crisis. we can say with renewed confidence that the state of our union is stronger. >> reaction from a local congress member to the state of the union address co
, the role of our federal government. tom perez, assistant secretary for civil rights, ruslyn lee. she was also nominated by president obama to serve in her role as assistant secretary of education for civil rights and she was confirmed by the senate in may of 2009. as assistant secretary, ruslyn is assistant secretary arnie's duncan's primary advisor. before she joined the department of education she was vice president of the education trust in washington, dc and was the founding executive of education trust west in oakland. in these positions she advocated for public school students in california, focusing on achievement and opportunity gaps, improving can urriculum and instructional quality and ensuring quality education for everybody. she served as an advisor on education issues on a number of private ipbs institutions, she is a teacher, a lawyer, and a very influential voice on all policy matters. she was also passionate about ending this issue of bullying and bringing everyone together to stop this disturbing trend so please welcome assistant secretary for civil rights, rus
a simple vote. >> the republican response, senator rubio of florida said more government will not help. >> more government does not help you get ahead. it will hold you back. more government isn't going to create more opportunity. it will limit them. more government isn't going toibl expire new ideas, new businesses, and new private sector jobs. >> speaker boehner says immigration reform is the only item on the president's agenda that actually has a chance of passing this year. >> six of the nine supreme court justices attended the "state of the union" address. those that did not included scalia and he is explaining why. he says he hasn't attended a "state of the union" address in 16 years but it is a childish spectacle and says he does not wand to lend dignity to a political event filled with applause lines. the supreme court justice calls the "state of the union" address a "rather silly affair." stay with abc citizen for continuing coverage of the president's "state of the union" address and george stephanopolis will have reaction on "good morning america" at 6:00. >> he speaks his m
away from the threat of massive government spending cuts and congress guess what? they're taking next week off. they're also leaving the fate of defense nominee chuck hagel hanging in the balance. nancy cordes is on capitol hill not taking a vacation. nancy good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ironically the next defense secretary will have to deal with the steep cuts. the senate left last night, the house departs at 9:00 a.m. pacific without making any bipartisan effort to prevent them. the hallways of congress cleared out quickly last night. members in a rush to get home even as the sequester deadline approaches. >> how can we leave for recess when we're so close to a sequester and we're so close to what could possibly be a shut down of government. >> reporter: the sequester is a set of $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, spread out over ten years that will start to kick in march 1st. both sides say the cuts are arbitrary, damaging and bound to kill jobs. but instead of negotiating to replace the cuts they are blaming each other for the impasse impasse. >> it's tim
of bank of america to discuss the state the big picture goals for how -- housing. the government said repeal laws to help consumers. government said there is a limit to how much we can spend to going out that the state has eliminated redevelopment agency. the forum was hosted by uc b erkeley. >> people in new orleans are entering the finer phase of the huge party god party. >> celebration includes parades and bands and floats and marching streets. that tuesday is a time for excess that mardi gras is over at the stroke of midnight. followed by ash wednesday start of lent which lasts 40 days and in a time of fasting and reflection for many christians. >> here the bay area people celebrating mardi gras at a free concert in the fillmore district. village project say this is a continued 100-year tradition in music and the fillmore. >> we are not trying to compete with new orleans but we have started this trend seven years ago and now and now we have@little bit of everybody celebrating mardi gras now. >> the masquerade ball the schedule tonight at the west bay conference center with live m
, which are illegal and in addition he's charged with two counts of forgery of a government i.d. >> reporter: for the third full day, investigators scoured his home, discovering a handful of explosive devices which the bomb squad detonated. >> san francisco police say two men are recovering tonight from injuries after they were attacked by a group of robbers armed with a hatchet. a 58-year-old man came home to find a 69-year-old man tied up and suffering from cuts. investigators say the 69-year-old had been attacked by three men who used a hatchet on him. the intruders did manage to take off. so far no arrests have been made. >> i literally was in shock because i couldn't believe something like this happened on our block. this is a really safe block. we look out for each other. >> both victims suffered deep cuts and were taken to the hospital but they are expected to be okay. investigators said jewelry is missing from that home. >> pets accident live killed, lost and injured all in the care of airlines. in an nbc news bay area investigation, what happens when some animals are
to the economy. his speech unveiled new government initiative aim at creating job jobs. he challenged deeply divided law make investigators find xro nice achieve the goal. president announced plans to withdraw more troops afghanistan. president addressed the nation on the state of the union for the first time since being reelected. we are in washington. >> the president of the united states. >> thank you. >>reporter: president obama touching on topic from education to strengthening the middle class. >> it's our unfinished task to make sure that this government works on behalf of the many. not just the few. >>reporter: the president gave of the address a noticeable presence of small ribbon. worn by the more than 40 invited guests. all victims or related to victims of gun violence. >> it has been two months since newtown. i know this is not the first time this country has debated out of reduced gun violence. but this time is different. >> president also announced that half of the troops now serving in afghanistan about 3 34,000 will be home by this time next year. but focus remained p
it's unclear which government agency would be in charge. >> just before noon today an asteroid the size of a football field whizzed by planet earth. the biggest space rock ever to come so close to us. jade hernandez live at the science center in oakland to explain why there was never any danger. still a lot of intrigue. >> reporter: astronomers here are fielding questions about this unprecedented asteroid hurling close to earth. experts say it's far enough away to keep us safe and still close enough to spark curiosity. 17,000miles away, asteroid 2012 asteroid raced past. >> it takes things like this for us to see how much is out there. >> reporter: in oakland at the science and space center, astronomer ben burris explained the asteroid would be visible here, but not to the naked eye after the sun goes down. >> it's a reminder that as some have said the earth is orbiting the sun in a cosmic shooting gallery. >> reporter: nasa's video of the 150-foot wide space rock. think of this ball as the asteroid. think of this as earth. this rim represents the stationary at lites. this aste
government and less regulation. and some high-profile guests will be on hand for the state of the union address. they include tim cook, ceo of cupertino-based apple, invited by first lady michelle obama. several house democrats have invited people who have been affected by gun violence. among them, former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. musician and gun advocate ted nugent will be there a guest of republican congressman steve stockman of texas. kpix 5 will air the president's state of the union address live this evening starting at 6:00 followed by a special edition of kpix 5 news at 7:30. >>> 5:07. how about another check of traffic and weather? are you ready for 70 degrees? >> i'm totally ready. >> me, too. but boy, usually get into april and start talking about that. this year we're getting it going early. but yeah, folks got some patchy fog out there right now. some of that along the coastline. valley fog. other than that good so far. haze in the area, temperatures still chilly inland. 35 degrees in concord. 34 in santa rosa. 46 in sa
on their spending last month, due to higher paycheck taxes. the government says retail sales rose just a tenth of a percent in january, after rising half a percent in december. americans spent less on cashes -- cars, clothing, furniture and restaurants. consumer accounts were about 70% of the u.s. economy. a new study finds foreign automakers still make the most dependable cars in america. toyota's lexus brand tops for the second year in a row. the study also found that overall, cars and trucks have become more reliable than ever. lexus, porsche, and lincoln reported the fewest problems last year. jeep, middle bishy, dodge and land rover his the most. >>> apple is said to be watching -- working on a wristwatch computer. they are working on an iwatch that would perform some of the tasks now handle by the iphone and ipad. apple's ceo tim cook is facing pressure since they have seen a 30% drop since its september high. for more, head to cbs money watch ieks i'm alexis christoforous. >> >> i'm just texing texting-- texting kai on my iwatch. >> we
response to what they call u.s. threats. the government said they will continue with unspecified measures of greater intensity. they will meet at an emergency session which is a response to what they did. >>> the thai government received information that al qaeda is planning on targeting the consulate. details have not been released but the extra security will last at least until sunday. >>> happening now, the senate armed services will discuss the impacts of cuts that it would have on the defense department. if congress does not act soon to avoid that, $85 billion in spending cuts are set to take place on march 1st. a bulk of those cuts will come on the military. >>> in the meantime military has discussed benefits for same sex partners in the military and benefits are said to become available as early as august 31st. movie theaters support programs on basis and it shows the ability to fly on aircrafts. >>> government authorities are meeting in washington d.c. talking about the future of the high speed railroad gram. this is part of a three day high speed rail summit with visionaries rev
to that, charged with two counts of forgery of a government id and two counts of possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. >> there is. >> if you shake it up, it's what we're working with. part profit ses is making the residents safe. the other part going to be putting puzzles together. >> they analyzed at every substance they found. they did get mail delivery today on humbolt avenue. the search may continue over the weekend. everett bashham will appear in court on thursday of next week. the deputy district attorney asking for no bail or very high bail because of the potential threat to public safety. if convictsed he could spend up to 12 years and eight who months in prison. >> thank you. >> happening now in marin county, lng lines officials make good on vouchers in its gun buy back program. >> people waisting to redeem ious that is when they ran out of cash because pechl showed up to turn in guns and rifles for cash. authorities had to do major fund raising to come up with more than $50,000 that on top of the $43,000 they'd paid out. >> twice came from private contributions ,k-vñj
of a government audit d. and possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. and forgery of a government--i d. >> reporter: in an on-going search of basham's home here on humboldt avenue in santa clara the authorities have discovered complete explosive devices, chemicals used to make explosives and various illegal weapons. as to how and why he forged a government >> because of the safety for the public and the media attention for this case. it is sealed. >> reporter: i.d. badge and for what purpose is part of a court file that has now been sealed by the court. in a brief exchange with the judge, basham acknowledged charges against him but showed no emotion as left last about 10 minutes. rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> this beautiful night, with clear skies. temperatures as i mentioned, 60s. san francisco, 63 degrees. clear skies but we will see temperatures cooling off after midnight. as we get closer for the overnight hour, 30's and 10's tomorrow with the '60s and '70s. tomorrow, and sunday, some clouds in the morning but eventually some side. because of those clouds and the strong receive breezes.
but he doesn't even have a budget passed. how can the government even began to make plans without a budget? for years of spending, without a budget, is ridiculous. keith says raise the minimum wage to $9? you raise it up, it trickles down to us, the consumers, with higher prices. it is basic economics. david says i no longer pay attention to what is happening in washington. dollar president commander in chief has plenty of good ideas, he pitches a well except for a he has an able to get anything done. >> 70 4:00 a.m. and president obama is state of the union address lit up the twitter of birds. 1.1 million state of being in related tweets were made between the time obama entered the white house chamber until the end of his speech. the most we did say the unabomber was one obama said the federal federal minimum-wage to be raised to $9 an hour. the board to redeem about that at 24,000 sheets per minute. the second most we did comment came when obama called on congress to vote on controversy of gun control measures. they got people pleading at 23,700 tweets per minute. protesters are
of the 2009 oscar nominated documentary food inc. part of the campaign is to get the federal government to label mechanically tenderized meat. >> and as a consumer i have a right to know what i am putting into my body and what i am putting into my children's body. all i am asking for is for them to label it. i can't imagine that the label is going to cost that much more. >> the debate over labels gained attention this fall when the canadian government recalled millions of pounds of beef products including meat that was mechanically tenderized from xl foods. 18 illnesses were traced back to the plant. two and a half million pounds of xl foods beef was imported to the u.s. and then quickly taken off shelves. >> i myself am a mother and have two small children. i feel confident in the safety of the meat supply in this country. >> meat industry representatives and cal poly professor says there is a risk for contamination in beef that has been needled, but how big a risk is still in question. they want the government to study that issue before moving forward with a label. >> there is certain
and it could happen at the drop of of a dime. >> that is not true with most government run schools especially union ones. union teachers are happy that they can't be he suddenly fired but the charter teachers can be. >> you can get canned in a moment. doesn't have bother you? >> if i'm not doing my job per se and i was fired for that, so be it. >> if i was a doctor and i wasn't good i mean i wouldn't have a job. no one would come to me, right? >> i would hope not. >> you cannot maintain quality unless you can fire people says this charter founder. >> it is as many as we must and as little as we can have. >> have you fired more than ten? >> this three schools in eight years, yes. >> but while bad teachers might get fired good teachers are given freedom. >> they can choose the textbooks and teaching methods as long as they every quarter and every year make sure that the students are learning what they need to learn at the end of the day. >> in harlem, 43% of 8th graders get passing grades in state math tests. 100% of her kids passed. if such charters work why aren't there more of them? >> becau
nominated documentary food inc. part of the campaign is to get the federal government to label mechanically tenderized meat. >> and as a consumer i have a right to know what i am putting into my body and what i am putting into my children's body. all i am asking for is for them to label it. i can't imagine that the label is going to cost that much more. >> the debate over labels gained attention this fall when the canadian government recalled millions of pounds of beef products including meat that was mechanicallytenderized. 18 illnesses were traced back to the plant. two and a half million pounds of xl foods beef was imported to the u.s. and then quickly taken off shelves. >> i myself am a mother and have two small children. i feel confident in the safety of the meat supply in this country. >> meat industry representatives and cal poly professor says there is a risk for contamination in beef that has been needled, but how big a risk is still in question. they want the government to study that issue before moving forward with a label. >> there is certainly nothing wrong with giving people i
government is ordering a thorough investigation after a deadly stampede in the northern indian state. 38 people are confirmed dead. most were returning from a large hindu festival held once every 12 years and attended by 40 million people. railway officials are blaming the government for not warning them of the mass crowd. jessica? >> thank you, janelle. >>> then candidate barack obama promised to roll back many of the national security programs from the bush administration which he felt stepped on american civil liberties. today a new poll shows voters appear to think president obama is just as bad if not worse than his predecessor when it comes to trading his civil liberties for security. tonight's reality check, sam brock joins us and takes a look at one of president obama's policies warrant that kind of criticism. >>> good evening. there's a perception among some folks that president obama governed far to the left. the truth is when it comes to defending our country, actually far more conservative. i think some of the most controversial elements of president bush's policy, adding som
wednesday. >> and government reports find the nation's airlines are less likely to yolose your suitcase last year than at any other point in the last two decades. there just over three reports of lost, delayed or damaged baggage for every 1000 passengers, the lowest rate since 1988. >> airlines also improve their performance in getting planes to gates on time. >> the last year decided to percent of flights arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. the record is 82% setback in 2002. >> american airlines in u.s. airways will be today to consider a merger. >> reporter say negotiators are considering the makeup of the combined company's board and on exact role for the ceo of american parent amr corp.. >> the companies are trying to finish a deal before friday, when a confidentiality agreement covering some a m r bondholders expires. if the two carriers were to strike a deal, it would create the world's biggest airline by passenger traffic. a m r has been operating under bankruptcy protection since november 2011. >> pope benedict the '60s has made his first public appearance since a shockin
and government agencies can follow. it directs uss defense and intelligence agencies to share classified threat information with american companies. >> president obama hits the road for floor days to rally support for the economic initiatives he presented in the state of the union address. he will be in asheville, north carolina today, and asked congress to pass election allowing homeowners to refinance at current rates. he wants high quality pre-school made available and for congress to take up immigration reform. the biggest applause was challenging congress to vote on gun control. >> it deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the other communities ripped only by gun violence they deserve a simple vote. >> in the republican response, senator rubio of florida said more government will not help people get ahead. >> speaker boehner says immigration reform is the only item on the president's agenda that has a chance of passing this year. >> now the weather forecast. >> some places fog this morning and mike nicco has the details. >> tracking the fog on the 101 core store in the no
to say the person threatened is a member of state government. >> it is unfortunate that he was sending in some many threats, it is unfortunate, a common theme. basham was armed with a loaded gun when he was arrested and his home has what looks like an elaborate security system with numerous surveillance cameras and various antennae arrays on the rooftop. >> the manufacturing of manufacturing explosives, a threat to a dignitary, and threat to public official to dissuade them from doing their duty. the bomb squad found more destructive items and they were planning a blow in this period of tomorrow. reporting live, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >>pam: developing news at this hour-- attorneys for home run king barry bonds' were back in federal court today appealing his 2011 conviction for obstruction of justice. kron4's dan kerman explains why attorneys think the conviction should be overturned. he was not found guilty on the three counts of perjury of performance in enhancing drugs but they did find some of obstruction of justice would intentionally, evasive statements to the grand tree. >> were
thinks it is more are nanny government. >> i think you can multitask in a car and still be a safe drive. >>> the bill should get its first hearing this spring. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc 7 news. >>> as you have heard probably, sea ice is disappearing at a faster clip from a broad swath of 9 arc particular. ice lost in the arc particular was the worst between 2003 and 2012 and it was particularly bad during the autumn months declining by 36%. ice loss only dropped 9% during the winter. scientists say the arctic is getting smaller and less thick making the ice more vulnerable to few you tour declines too. on the subject of ice loss watch what happens in argentina. >> oh! >> you can hear people applauding. a vacationer captured this breathtaking moment when an enormous ice bridge ruptured and plunged into a lake. this is argentinia padegonia region. the man happened to be taking a picture of the bridge when this collapsed. such a spectacle with occur every couple of years or so. really remarkable. the tourists got their money's worth. >> amazing video. >>> spencer christian here
. >> one other interesting note. government funded think tank called the ram institute concluded if we learned this asteroid were headed to earth and couldn't stop it that it would end all life here, the public should not be notified. institute suggest telling people only that there's something we can do about it. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. jeans. >> we have if you details tonight about the death of a fugitive ex cop. christopher dorner. investigators now believe he killed himself by shooting himself in the head ass holed up cabin. dorner died tuesday in the cabin in the san bernardino mountains. the resident old family who owns the cabin saw the burned out rubble up close. dorner held jim and karen hostage tuesday when they showed up to clean their cabin. the sheriff's department is defending deputy from criticism that dorner hid out right under their noses. >> left the door unlocked so maintenance man could come in and check the residence and work on it. appears at that point that dorner had already entered the residence and locked the door behind him. our deputy knocked on the
and waiting for superman. terrence argues that instead of the government spending money to deport people, someone like him with a college degree would poor more money into the economy. >> the dream act passes, dreamers will earn $148 billion by 2030. so if they are going to earn that much money, that means they are going to spend this much money. >> terrence claims if the dream act doesn't pass, even with a math degree he won't be able to find a good-paying job. >> find a job where someone would pay me under the table, supermarkets, laundry, things like that. >> rick says the dream act would encourage more people to cross the border. >> so everyone who had a thought of wanting to come to the united states is hearing the president and both sides of congress say there's going to be an amnesty, we want to have these people come here and work, they have heard and and heard it and heard it. >> in a recent interview u.c. berkeley roger said universities like u.c. berkeley will continue to help students like terrence. >> these are extraordinarily talented people. and in the current era in calif
of government spending money to deport people, someone like him would pour more money in the economy. >> dreamers will earn $140 billion and if they are going to earn that money they will spend that much. >> if the dream act doesn't pass even with a math degree, he won't be able to find a good paying job. the they say the dream act would encourage more people to cross the border. >> so that everybody had a thought of wanting to come to the united states is hearing the president and both sides of congress say there will be an amnesty. we want the people come here and work. >> in a recent interview, chancellor said universities like u.c. berkeley will continue to help students like terence. >> these are extraordinarily talented people. in the current era with all the challenges we can't waste this talent. if you want to see the entire video, visit our website at and click on "see it on tv". >> carolyn: if you have been enjoying above average temperatures, too bad, they are gone. >> not everyone enjoys them. we need snow and rain but it's been an extended period of above no
are demanding government protection after a bombing killed more than 80 people on saturday. the blast also injured more than 160 others. the remote activated bomb was hidden in a water tank at a market in the town of quetta. police say the neighborhood is mostly shi-ite. pakistan has seen its share of attacks on shi-ite muslims. they have been increasingly targeted by militant groups who view them as heretics and non-muslims. >> up next on kron four news weekend. and a navy seal team 6 member believe to be the one that fired the shot to kill osama bin at lawton says that the government has abandoned him. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ a seal team six member believed to be the one who the m
government to solve every problem. but they do expect us to put the nation's interests before parties. >> reporter: the hour long speeched focused mainly on domestic and economic issues and on the need for a divided congress to compromise. he said, political brinksmanship, threats of government shutdown and unilateral spending cuts hurt the country. >> let's agree right here right now to keep the people's government open and pay our bills on time and always uphold the full faith and credit of the united states of america. >> reporter: the president drew strong applause when he announced that 34,000 troops would be home from afghanistan by this time next year half the u.s. force there. he also got a standing ovation when he talked about gun laws. the president said bills on background checks and large magazines are being discussed and that lawmakers owe it to victims of gun violence to bring them to the floor. >> they deserve a vote. gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> reporter: in the republican response florid
so a reminder, the storm is closed. trading resumes tomorrow. also closed, all federal government offices that will re-open tomorrow and most schools are closed today. the commander in chief, another story coming up later. >> he is spending the three day weekend in florida for golf. the president will travel back to the white house this evening. the first lady and the daughters are not with the president. they are out west for a girls' ski weekend. the white house is getting ready to unveil a new scientific effort to map the human brain. "new york times" reports that the white house will unveil the roth next month, a joint of the by federal agencies, private foundations, and neuroscientists. doctors are hopeful that being the human brain can lead to better understanding of alzheimer's disease and parkinson's disease and others. a meeting took place in pasadena and representatives from mountain view-based google attended. >> venezuela president chavez is back in his home country after returning home to venezuela early this morning after two months of cancer treatment in cuba. he an
. rising healthcare costs and the growth of government. >> a second term offers a second chance. and if the president wants to regain the credibility he's lost over the last four years, on each of these issues, he'll start tonight. >> reporter: it's up to florida senator marco rubio to deliver the official republican response. he'll be making the case, smaller government can help the middle class. the president will touch on other topics tonight, including north korea's latest news clear test. and 34,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan will bring home by this time nbc year. he'll also be talking about new gun laws. several gun violence victims will be guests at the state of the union. a teacher that survived the sandy hook shooting will be in the first lady's box. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband are joining the arizona delegation. on capitol hill, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >>> an anne arundel county teen will sit with the first lady and vice president biden during tonight's state of the union address. 16-year-old
obama laid out in his state of the union address will mean bigger government and higher taxes. tara mergener reports for wjz, to get the public behind him. the president hit the road today. >>> president obama visited a company that makes engine blocks and wheel axles to promote his plan to revitalize american manufacturing. >> i believe in manufacturing. >> volvo shut his doors. the canadian manufacturer took over to produce parts. but had a hard time finding qualified workers. >> no job in america should go unfailed because somebody doesn't have the right skills skills to get that job. nobody. >> the president is asking congress to fund training for 2 million workers so they can get advanced skills to land the job. >> reporter: getting the kind of training the president is talking about. >> hoping to get my training and get a job here in ashville. >> reporter: a program that lindemar helped set up. to have the workers expand their business. but republicans are not warming up to another government program. >> you know, last night, the president
. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this. >>> a new government sturdy reveals one in five of us have a maift yaik on the credit report and found 20% had an error issued by three major agencies. 5% errors could lead to them paying more for mortgages, or other products. ftc says it emphasizes importance of regularly checking the reports. >> speculation is heating up that apple is working on a smart watch. "new york times" and wall street jurnt are reporting apple is expeer meanting with a device maid with curved glass. smart watches exist, the pebble smart watch connects to your and droid ask serves as a hub to glance at e mails and text message autos another way to look at e mails. >> yes. yeah. >> other businesses are firing back against negative press and teen franchises boosting the bottom line. hi, emily. >> good afternoon. i spoke with tesla's ceo today, blasting "new york times" after the newspaper publish aid review of the model s leading to a drop in the company stock today on wall street. the writer says the model s failed to travel as far as it's supposed
. >> the federal government can't -- 10th amendment. >> change it. >> that would be federal overreach. >> well stated. >> no, but, but, so we are not funding or digging into can urriculum in that way. but you certainly have seen superintendent caranza happened about what happens with the kinds of conversations that happen with the movie bully and there are can urriculum packages being developed. i had visions, gary, to think about how if folks decided -- and we don't play in this -- but if folks decided there could be a class on this, how you teach, life skills class, right? if we try to make a one-size fits all click approach that doesn't really take people from where they are and get them to where they need to go. i have seen life skills work well and i have seen students literally filling out mcdonald's applications in their life skills class. so you can't just quickly eradicate and we can't just think about this in an isolated silo the link, for example, that has been alluded to between discipline and bullying, they go hand in hand, how zero tolerance policies often can hurt the victi
to real terrorist groups are actually provided by the government. >> reporter: now mr. german says he is not saying that the suspects captured in these sting operations are innocent or even not guilty of serious crimes. but he does say that the crimes they're guilty of are possibly not as serious as the fbi makes them out to be. live in san jose, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. >>> we have new information tonight about pope benedict's decision to step down and what is ahead of the the 85-year-old pontiff. still no official reason for the pope's sudden retirement, but they do believe his health and age were a concern, citing the fact that he felt he could no longer continue his duties. the vatican, however, says the decision was made about a year ago before a recent surgery. pope benedict's resignation has several bishops around the world wondering if there is a precedent being set allowing future popes to follow suit. the pontiff's future plans include living at a monaçtery inside the vatican. now, tomorrow he'll preside over an ash wednesday mass. a large cr
attorneys and the council on american islamic relations are pushing back against the government version. this is two years ago. on friday he was arrested again outside of the bank of emergency on haggenberger road as he reportedly tried blow up a car bomb. his attorney came to court today to ask for more time so he can research whether or not the client needs a psychiatric evaluation this, afternoon his former defense attorney showed us documents from a 2011 conviction for transporting an assault weapon where a psychiatrist reported he had serious mental problems. >> the judge orders him to take his medications to be seen by a psychiatrist. or a therapist. >> in recent documents the agent described how he helped carry out the plot to blow up the bank providing buckets of fake explosives, an suv, and after he bought cell phones and a battery and an led light the agency assembled the parts into what they were told was a >> it's been a smarts use of fbi resources to spend six months or a year convincing these impaired individuals to try to carry out these acts. >> the director of the bay a
counts of forgery of a government i did. and... finally two misdemeanor counts of possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. >> investigator search the property and are identifying and cataloging every substance they can find in and around the house. police report and other documents have been sealed by the court because of the nature of the case. bashham attempted to speak during his court appearance. he was silenced by his attorney and will remain in county jail until thursday. he will have the opportunity to enter a plea. the prosecutor says she will argue for high bail because of the right after this tok public safety. a spokesman says there is no set timetable when their work will be completed. >> part of the process is making the residence safe another part going to be putting the puzzle together. >> the fire department have left the scene however there is a possibility some investigators may continue working throat the weekend. in santa clairea, abc 7 news. >> two men are recovering after being attacked by hatchet wielding robbers during a home invasion. police say three men bro
on the government. >>> don't miss a special "20/20" tonight. troubled waters, an in-depth look at the "triumph" disaster. and the cruise industry. what every family should ask before taking that next cruise. tonight on "20/20." >>> we continue this evening. if you were on facebook today, perhaps you noticed something. facebook coming clean that the site was hacked a month ago. turns out some facebook employees visited a website that was infected. facebook says it quickly fixed the problem and there's no evidence that facebook users had information compromised. >>> we turn to the national conversation on gun violence. and a gripping scene at the white house today. president obama honoring the teachers and staff who lost their lives at sandy hook elementary. the president wiping away a tear as he recounted their heroism on that dark day. he took his message to his hometown of chicago. here tonight, jonathan karl. >> reporter: today, the white house planned to focus on the economy. but like the state of the union address, the president's most passionate comments came on gun violence. >> too many
, this is the one that concerns me because a lot of people in local government, i'm sure, have had the same experience we have in oakland. many great programs start off very well, then people leave. budgets get cut. there's no sustainability. and they go off into the horizon. so, you four enlightened commanders, you understand this. but the challenges ahead, sequestration, perhaps, your budgets, change of command, retirement -- how do you four feel about being able to sustain this program and the concept that has been started here in the last three years at san francisco fleet week? >> i'll take that, jeff. one of the things that we have done is made sure that we derive value and benefit from the programs that we participate in. if we were showing up to be a training aid for somebody else, that would certainly die out. but we have mapped out objectives for ourselves which really benefit us across the spectrum of our operations. so, if you understand that going into this business and you know that you can get something out of it, there is a greater willingness, i think, to participate. so, w
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